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September 01, 2010

tagliatelle with a yummy spinach-salmon sauce

Hello dudes, this will be my first contribution to this blog and I hope it will come in handy if you're hungry and have less time.
That is if you like noodles... and spinach and salmon. :D

The recipe will work for two persons (or maybe 3 if they're not as hoggish as Decembersong and I were, when I made it :P)

250 - 300 g tagliatelle (ribbon noodles)
400 g spinach leaves (fresh or frosted)
400 g salmon filet (fresh or frosted)
half an onion
2 garlic cloves
200 ml Rama Cremefine (or anything else like cream, depends on the fat content you prefer)
salt and pepper
chili powder
nutmeg powder

What to do?
Boil some salted and oiled water, then pour the tagliatelle in. Cook them al dente.
Cut the onion, garlic and salmon into (little) pieces, then roast it all together in a pan. Add some salt and pepper as you like.
While you do that, the spinach should heat up slowly in a pot (low heat!).

When the spinach got warm, put the roasted salmon together with the onion and garlic into the pot, then fill it up with the cream. Heat it up once, then use the spices until it meets your taste.

Alright, now you just have to arrange it on the plates and then: omnomnom!

I hope you'll like it! :)



decembersong said...

that was rather nomsome <3

Leah Elaine said...

Ein ähnliches Rezept hab ich schon vor einiger Zeit für mich entdeckt, ich steh ja total auf Spinat und Lachs. Ich benutze allerdings Spaghetti statt Bandnudeln(?), da hat man nicht so viel Nudel im Mund und mehr "Gesundes" :D

BTW.: Ihr solltet öfter posten! Egal ob's was genähtes oder gekochtes ist.

Qantaqa said...

Ja, ich hab das auch schon geschätzte tausendmal gekocht *lach*
Bandnudeln sind geilo!
Wir wollten mal was anderes als Spagetti, die sind so mainstream ;P.

Jawohl, wir arbeiten daran! :D

Leah Elaine said...

haha. Stimmt, Spaghetti sind wirklich Mainstream. Momentan steh ich total auf Spirelli. Man bildet sich ja gerne ein, dass alle Sorten anders schmecken xD

Na das hoffe ich doch. Ich will lernen wie man Waffen baut, die nicht weh tun. En Garde!

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