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May 15, 2011

Steampunk Clock

Sometimes I create things that simply turn out to look crappy when I'm done. I usually throw them away. This time I created something that didn't work. I decided to post it anyway because it still looks pretty, which makes it even worse because it's useless :/

This was supposed to be a birthday gift for a friend, and it worked fine until I decided to disassemble it...

The watch was a giveaway, but it has a Quartz clockwork, so I thought it would be rather long-living.

 I bought some nice steampunk-themed paperr, took off the clockhand and started to decorate the watch. Really very easy, nothing elaborate. Afterwards I drew the 3, 6, 9 and 12 onto it.
 Then I bought a new set of clockhands and added them.
I put the battery back in and that's where it stopped working.

I don't know what went wrong, it worked perfectly before that. Maybe some of the glue got into the clockwork but I don't think that's possible. Anyway, it's broken and makes for nothing more than decoration now.

Well, I guess things like that just happen.

I eventually decided to hang it on my wall anyway since it's too pretty to gather dust in some corner :D Also, it goes well with my Mucha posters. Follow me

Skirt Alert

I wanted to post some pictures of my skirts for ages now, but somehow I forgot to... Anyway, here are my two latest pieces, very very simple, and no tutorial. However, it's very easy to figure them out for yourself.

The first one I made last autumn or winter. It's a very soft and thick cotton skirt and I have to admit it's my favourite since the first time I wore it. And the pattern is lovely, though I wasn't sure about that back when I bought it.

Sorry for the bad image quality ^^;

As you can see in the picture below it's simply a square to which I attached two trapezes (no rectangles because of the slanted hip line).
Finally I just added a zipper. Done!

The second one is a double-layered skirt made of creme-coloured cotton with a lovely flower or rose print on it. The underlying layer is made of creme-coloured IKEA cotton fabric. It's nice because it's robust and cheap, but I won't use it again for a visible layer because it crinkles heavily and I hate to iron my clothes. Such a waste of time...

It's really just 4 trapezes again (two for each layer) with a zipper at one side and one layer being, obviously, longer than the other one.

Love the pattern!

That's it :'D More to come? We'll see. The next weeks I'll be busy working on the axolotl tutorial and on sewing my very first quilt. The fabric I've bought so far already makes me despair. Lot of fun ahead!
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Kitchen Wall Decoration

Sometimes I get the inner urge to decorate something new....

Last week I walked through the household section of the local "Müller" store and fell in love with some decoration elements in light brown with antique forks and knifes. I like this motive since I got napkins for my birthday with this motive.
I bought a little cupboard for kitchen utensils (only 6€, reduced ^^) an the canvas (3€, also reduced) and for the background I took silk paper from "Galeria-Kaufhof" since I have no possibility to get real wallpaper here in Halle without a car.
I really like the result. ^^

[PS: The rest of my kitchen looks very ugly, so at least this side had to become pretty]

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