"All art is quite useless" - Oscar Wilde

July 20, 2010


Contributions to this blog are made by the following people:


Hello world. This is the blog I created for my friends and me so we can share our creative streak with ourselves and you. I started sewing about five years ago and learned most things by trial and error. I know how much of a help tutorials can be, though, and that is why I wanted to create another one of those countless do-it-yourself pages.
I am a huge fan of country/cottage style stuff. Most of my projects revolve around sewing, but I am trying to do some more knitting and quilting and I also love to cook and bake. Hopefully, you will get some inspiration from the things we will present you here and get started with your own projects. Good luck and enjoy your stay on this blog!


decembersong asked me to join this blog and well, here I am! Actually I think it is a very good idea to create a large collection of creativity in here~
Personally, I like cosplay and because of this hobby I’ve started to sew 7 years ago. I’ve learnt a lot from friends and my best teacher was creativity itself. In private I like a lot of styles. Right now my boom are sweet Lolita clothes, Gyaru stuff (girlie stuff, I have to admit I so love pink!) and skirts! In addition I do handicrafts, especially when it comes to presents.
My mantra: I can do everything! And you can do it, too (^.~)v


Yo dudes,
this is Qan. Following decembersong's charming invitation I'm hoping to be able to contribute some cool stuff here. I started cosplaying in 2005 and besides sewing I fancy about making props. So if you wanna know how to make "they don't hurt" weapons and stuff, I hope my entries will be helpful. Furthermore I like cooking and maybe some of my creations will meet your taste.


Hi, I'm the Muffin. decembersong asked me to join this blog and I gladly do. I'm pretty much into Lolita and I make most of my clothing and accessoiries myself. Besides sewing and jewellery design, I still work on mastering the arts of millinery, doll- and cosmetic making. I am completely selftaught and my methods are often makeshift. Be prepared.