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July 30, 2010

Striped Flowers dinner skirt

Oh hi, it's me again with more skirt fun for everyone.

All hail fabric sale, I bought some pretty cheap and nice jaquard fabric and tried to do something more elegant I could possibly wear for a restaurant dinner or whatever.

That's what it turned out like...

Alright, this is another afternoon project and it really doesn't take long.

Because jaquard is not very comfortable right on our skin, I preferred to use a layer of white cotton underneath it.

The first picture tells you what measurements you will need.

Fold your fabric in the middle before you draw your lines on it.

Line AB: Think about where you would like the top end of your skirt to be (waist? hips? somewhere in between?) and get the measurement of that part of your body. Divide it by four. That's your AB line.
Line CD: Your hip measurement divided by four.
Line AC: The length of how far the top end of your skirt will be from your hips.
 Line BE: How long you would like your skirt to be.

Cut two pieces, one for the front, one for the back. If you add another fabric, cut two pieces of it as well.

ATTENTION: I added a layer of pleats that is not included in these measurements. You can add it or leave it, but think about that before you cut your fabric. If you add pleats, simply subtract the length of your pleats from your overall preferred skirt length.

 Lazy-ass-me didn't iron the fabric before cutting. You might want to do that.

Fold your pleats in whatever way you like and pin down the pleats. As you can see, I only folded it four times and got two pleats this way.

Lay down the pleats on your skirt so that the right side of the pleats faces the right side of the skirt. Make a seam to attach both parts. Trim the ends.

 Now sew in a zipper on one side of the skirt. The best way to do it is like this

Sew together the other side of your skirt. You might want to pin it together first, try it on and see if you want to make any corrections.

Afterwards I added satin bias tape (Schrägband) to the top end.

Alright, you're done! You can keep embellishing the skirt and add lace or whatever.


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