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May 15, 2011

Kitchen Wall Decoration

Sometimes I get the inner urge to decorate something new....

Last week I walked through the household section of the local "Müller" store and fell in love with some decoration elements in light brown with antique forks and knifes. I like this motive since I got napkins for my birthday with this motive.
I bought a little cupboard for kitchen utensils (only 6€, reduced ^^) an the canvas (3€, also reduced) and for the background I took silk paper from "Galeria-Kaufhof" since I have no possibility to get real wallpaper here in Halle without a car.
I really like the result. ^^

[PS: The rest of my kitchen looks very ugly, so at least this side had to become pretty]

You like?


decembersong said...

Me like!!! :'D Who would have guesses there's such cool stuff to be found at Müller's? oO

decembersong said...

By the way! You can buy the most lovely wallpaper at ebay, a lot of kinda baroque themed prints, really nice. Try enter "Tapete Barock", then you can browse the results :3

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