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October 26, 2011

More Papercraft: Gift Boxes and Pencil Box

I recently made two gift boxes for friends' birthdays. Actually, you can never have too many boxes, can you?
It's easy as pie and I used the same technique as with the cardboard drawer.

Here's what I used... default boxes and paper from the crafting store.

Before applying the paper I painted them with brown acrylic paint. I just thought it has a nicer look and texture.

Afterwards I really just cut out paper, glues it to the boxes with the glue-lacquer and occasionally added some fancy.



Duh... the lid has eight sides I made take a picture of the one where the ends of the paper strip meet... Yeah, that's me.

 Inside this one is some leftover and very nice petrol fabric and a kind of pocket watch on a necklace.

The second project was the pencil box. I had this one for ages, really. It was still fine, just needed a new look.

That's it. More papercraft sure to come!


Glittermuffin said...

I'm really loving my box - filled it up with jewellery right away :D And it ties in really nice with the other stuff on my drawer, so good job!

decembersong said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like it ^0^~ And glad it suits your drawer XD

Qantaqa said...

Nihi very cool stuff. Looks good and is of actual use. :D

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