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October 25, 2011

Penroll / Brushroll

Here comes my little tutorial for sewing a penroll or a brushroll.
It's very nifty and cute as well. And the best: very easy to sew.

I settled for a plain black fabric on the one, and a fancy red fabric with black velvet on the other side.

At first, you have to cut two squares (or rectangles close to suqares) of your preferred size. Mine were about 30 x 30 cm long. Then you have to sew the left sides together as if you were making a pillow slip.
Then you turn your piece to the right side and iron it.
Now you decide what should be your outer and your inner colour for the roll.
My outer fabric is the red one.
Lay the piece on the ground so that you only see the inner side and fold it so that you have about 20 cm of your outer fabric now on the inner side.
Sew the edges.
Then you decide how large your pipes for the pens or brushes should be (I made different sizes) and you sew a straight line on the 20cm where the back (outer side) is on the front.
Nearly done. Just add a ribbon on one side so that you can tie the roll later.

Here is a visual instruction:

Have fun sewing!


Glittermuffin said...

I made one like this earlier this year, just not as pretty as yours ;) . They're great afternoon projects and really easy to sew. I can only encourage everyone to try their hand at one.

decembersong said...

Adorable! I also like the fabric very much :3 I'll have to try one myself!

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