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December 02, 2010

Book Decoration (Paper Craft)

More paper crafting!

This time I decided to start a larger project I had in mind for a while - a photo book. Have I thought this through thoroughly? I don't think so. That's why I bought a sketch book and some paper crafting paper and simply started. I wonder how many photos I will be able to put onto the pages before I won't be able to close it anymore... oh well.

However, the decoration at the outside of the book is the smaller part which I would like to present here.

All you need:
- a book
- paper crafting paper, napkins, whatever
- special glue lacquer for paper crafting/décopatch
- book corners or better (see below)
- scissors, brushes
- transparent glue, depending on your kind of book corners
- acrylic colours (maybe)

Here's my stuff. I used more graphic45 paper, including the leftovers from the cardboard box project.

At first I painted the black book with acrylic paints in a dark turquoise/blue/brown mix and added some golden highlights. I thought it would fit the overall colouring of the crafting paper motives better. Of course you can skip that part.
There is not much to say about the process of cutting out paper and creating a design that fits your taste. Anyway, the designs were already so beautiful that the result could scarcely look bad, all I had to do was trying to keep a balance between the different objects. Remember to apply the lacquer underneath and on top of the paper.

The result:

I went shopping for some nice and fancy book corners, but I found only some plain and boring ones. Then I remembered how Glittermuffin once used some metal jewellery to create a kind of fake book corners. I liked the idea, so I bought a pair of cheap and very thin metal earrings, cut them apart with a normal pair of scissors and glued them onto the corners with a transparent glue.

That's it. Happy 2nd December!


Glittermuffin said...

normally you wouldn't use the little cut outs to glue them onto the corners but the 3/4-piece that is left to wrap around (!) the corner. that way it prevents the corners from getting worn. you'll need more earrings that way, though :'D (these filigrees aren't too expensive on etsy either).

goob job, though!

decembersong said...

hm... that would have been the smart thing to do indeed XD next time!

BlueLilium said...


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