"All art is quite useless" - Oscar Wilde

December 15, 2010

Paper Butterfly Collection

Very animal-friendly :D

Things you need:

- butterfly stamp
- magazines
- a frame
- paper

I got the idea from this blog and wanted to make one myself.

So I ordered a butterfly stamp from ebay and bought a colourful girlie magazine (and felt quite ashamed for it).

Then I just stamped out about 60 butterflies. I only needed fifty for the collection, but it is always nice when you can choose.

I bought the beautiful frame at Xenos (sadly it is made of plastic and while trying to clean the fake glass it [the glass] broke and gave me a nice and clean deep cut in my finger :'D).

Now it's a nice decoration for my mirror corner.

It's a very fast and easy one-evening-project. Try it!


Qantaqa said...

I likey!
Knew that those magazines must be good for something else than silly tests and quizzes. :D

BlueLilium said...

In could make a farm of paper butterflies if I take all my girly magazines

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