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December 28, 2010

Axolotl Plushie

"I am cute!!!"

Now this was a Christmas present I made. I was very eager to keep it for myself when it was done, but I gave it away in the end XD

Things you need:
- paper for a pattern
- fabric for the body and the dorsal fin (or whatever that is)
- yarn (don't use cotton! I did...)
- fuzzy wool for the gill rakers
- eyes
- stuffing

Basically I just made a pattern out of copy paper and newspapers based on some axolotl pictures I found.
I bought some really nice and fuzzy fake velours leather and used it for most of the plushie.

I bought cotton yarn, but that was not a good idea since it's not very tear-proof. I noticed that during the stuffing process. So maybe you better stick with synthetic yarn.

After cutting out all the pieces I made the gills from small fabric straps and added the gill rakers by attaching some fuzzy wool at the sides.

The rest is basically just thinking about in which order to sew the parts together.

Axolotl picture taken from here.

Be sure to leave a hole through which you can stuff in the stuffing. I'm still not too good at that. Somehow it never becomes a really smooth stuffing, some parts are always crumbling together. Oh well...

Anyway, this is it!

You know you can never grow too old for plushies.


Glittermuffin said...

OMG awesome *___* soooo cute! and quite realistic.

Qantaqa said...

Yay, awesomeness! What did Ced say? :D

Saraccino said...


I want one too! When will I get mine? :)

decembersong said...

I think he liked it even better than me XD

Sarracino: Lol, I can make you one if you want... :'D

Saraccino said...

Of course I want one! How can you even ask ^^ Okay... is there something I could make you for exchange? :)

decembersong said...

That would be really sweet :) You're making so many awesome things that I'll have a hard time deciding on one :'D

And I don't know if the fabric I used is still available, so maybe you have any preferences regarding colour and texture you can tell me about or we can look for some fabric together some time.

Saraccino said...

I would just completly trust your sense of fabric and colour (since I already love this one!) But to look together for some fabric would be cool too :)

lisbonlioness said...

Oh snap... I am so glad Saraccino sent me over, this is the coolest darn thing the world has seen since the invention of tentacles!
I think, next a proteus anguinus would be in order. Treat yourself to the German Wikipedia article about Grottenolm, I just went hysterical!
I am quietly hoping for an Axolotl pattern for idiots (all I can sew is to basic shapes of felt together), I can't see how I lived without it until this day.

decembersong said...

Wow, thanks so much for your kind words :)
Since I'm going to make another one, I'll try not be lazy and create a detailed how-to and a printable pattern :'D
And the Grottenolm looks so much like an axolotl, except for the long face, hehe. Maybe one day...

@Sarracino: Sounds good, let's do that :'D

Franzi said...


Stefan-perk said...

And the Grottenolm looks so much like an axolotl, except for the long face, hehe.

<-- rumor has it, there were even mix-ups on the first encounter

yuni said...

Hey what kind of fabric did you use? maybe want to make a companion cube plushi, but dunno what fabric I should use >_<

yuni said...

god I should learn to read.. velours leather ^^ sorry, but that thing is pure awesomeness btw!

decembersong said...

thanks <3
and it was fake velours leather, so it was probably a little cheaper than real one XD I bought it at Karstadt *knüll*

NanC Mills said...

Hi there🙂I know this post is 5yrs old; but do u have a PDF of ur pattern? I want to make one so badly!

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