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April 04, 2011

Doily bowls

Heyho, this is my first contribution to the blog.
As easter is coming, I wanted to craft something for my family and I found an instruction for beautiful little bowls.

At first, I bought some air-drying clay and a cute doily, the latter was hard to get. I looked for it in every 1€-shop in Halle and found nothing, till I had the idea to go to an antique shop where they had the famous "Plauener Spitze" even for a good price.
So at first, you get something to put under the clay, then you roll it out with a rolling pin till it's very flat, but not too flat to break later. Then you get a small dish to get the round shape and you cut it out with a stump knife and remove the rest.
After this, put on the doily, but do not cover the clay fully, I let the doily cover around two thirds of the circle and then you use the rolling pin again to get the pattern into the clay.
So, it's nearly done. Just put the clay circle into another bowl and let it dry (mine was about 24 hours).
If you like, you can use a rasp to make the edges a bit smoother, but be careful!
Finally, I had some spray-on white I used to make the "not so white"-white of the clay a bit brighter.
My clay was enough for 5 bowls.
I will decorate these bowls with some light-green grass for easter and some chocolate eggs to have a pretty nest.

Here the original DIY from Dawanda.

Have fun doing :3


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