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November 21, 2010

Chirashizushi birthday cake

Hello folks and welcome to another cooking entry. Hah!
Yesterday a friend of mine celebrated his birthday. He loves sushi and therefore I decided to make a chirashizushi cake for him. I was inspired by a video of Runny, a very cool and talented guy, who explains how to easily make Japanese food on youtube. You should check his channel!
Okay, but now to the recipe.

Since I couldn't find all the ingredients Runny used, I altered the recipe a little. But the next time I will try to use the "original" ones.

~600 g sushi rice (I used ca. 2 cups)
~scrambled egg made from 3 eggs
~80 g canned tuna
~50 g salmon roe
~80 g smoked salmon
~mirin furikake
~(sushi) vinegar, salt, sugar
~1 spring onion
~red food colouring

Prepare the sushi rice.
I don't own a rice cooker, but it works perfectly fine with a pot, too. Just remember to fairly wash the rice before cooking and only use medium-low heat.
I don't know what was wrong yesterday, but it took me almost an hour until the rice was finished. <-- Lately rice seems not willing to cooperate with me, so don't be afraid. I'm sure it will work fine for you. Also prepare the scrambled eggs. When the rice is finished you have to cool it down, quickly. Fill it in a non-metallic bowl and turn it carefully around using a wooden spoon. A fan is helpful, too. :) Then add the vinegar-salt-sugar mix. For 600 g of sushi rice you'll need about 1/5 cup of vinegar, a tea spoon salt and a little more than a dash of sugar. After that mix half of the rice with the tuna and the other half with the red food colouring and the furikake (add as much as you need until it meets your taste). Then use a 15cm spring form covered with plastic wrap and fill in the red rice first, then the tuna-rice. Use a table spoon to press the rice into the form. Then turn it over onto a plate and remove the spring form + plastic wrap. The top layer will be the scrambled eggs. You could use some drawing paper, like Runny does, or if you don't have it, carefully drape the eggs on top. The salmon roe forms a circle in the middle, after that roll up 6 pieces of smoked salmon (2x4 cm if you need measures) and drape them like roses on the top of the cake. As a finish sprinkle some spring onion over the eggs. You can add little birthday candles, too. Tadaaaa! I hope you'll find it tasty. For me, it was.. and the birthday boy seemed to be happy, too. :)


Glittermuffin said...

Holy smokes, Batman. That is pure awesomeness. Thanks for sharing!

TARO said...

Looking good :) Thanks for trying! And happy birthday to your friend :)

decembersong said...

That tasted SO awesome <3 You have to make this again....

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