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August 05, 2012

Embroidered bookmark

A very nice and quick-to-do present if you give away e.g. a book and you want to make it more personal. I had the idea at my sewing lesson I give every monday to some childeren in a free after-school care club. We stitched birthday cards with yarn on colurful paper. This is also a nice idea also for grown-ups (or pretending to be grown-ups ^^) but I made a bookmark in the evening instead.
  You just need about 10 x 15 cm of a nice paper, I used a page from an old book. Fold it in the middle so that in becomes a long rectangle and unfold it. Now you can design anything you want on the right side of the rectangle. I chose a feather in purple. Draw it with thin lines so you don't see it too much later. Then begin stitching. When you are finished, just glue the sides together like a book. Now you can also change the form of the bookmark (e.g. cutting the upper edges) or insert a hole to adjust a ribbon, maybe in the same colour as your yarn. Now you have a beautiful embroidered bookmark!


decembersong said...

Cute idea! I'll definitely try that next time I give someone a book! :D Maybe you could even add a thin layer of cardboard in the middle to make it more stable? :3

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